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Bianca Frammartino, MA, LPCC

Bianca Frammartino is a licensed professional clinical counselor for all age groups. She graduated with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The University of Akron in 2019.

Bianca is experienced working with all ages but takes interest in children, teens and young adults. She works with kids to help them develop the skills they need to cope with life's challenges. Bianca is passionate to work with clients that are struggling with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, ADHD and Autism. Bianca believes that every child deserves to be heard and understood. 


She utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychoeducation and is continuing to gain education in trauma based counseling. Bianca always strives to connect with clients in a way that makes them feel safe and empowered throughout their counseling. She is able to provide unbiased, professional guidance to assist clients in meeting their personal goals as well as meeting them with where they are in the process. Bianca’s priority is to partner with the client as they work through past and present challenges in order to become the best versions of themselves while building on their own strengths. 

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