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Couples, Pre-Martial, Marriage, or Divorce Therapy

The romantic relationships in our lives are very important to everyone yet are sometimes the most difficult relationships to maintain because of their intensity.  

Pathways Family Counseling has several therapists specifically licensed and trained to work with couples.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are a great asset to your relationship growth.

We can act as a third party, allowing for a neutral outside perspective to make your jobs easier within your family. We work with couples and families of all ages and stages. We can help through the processes from pre-marital counseling to becoming empty nesters! 

Couples, Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

We are trained on many challenges across all stages of romantic relationships such as pre-marital counseling, communication issues, feeling "disconnected" from your partner/spouse, improving and exploring intimacy issues, trust issues, infidelity, blended family issues, divorce, and a variety of other concerns and issues! 

Divorce Counseling 

Sometimes the most healthy resolution of an issue is through a divorce.  We'll help you navigate the roller-coaster of emotions and challenges this path will have.  We can even help you work through issues that might arise with your children through this process.

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