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Have you ever wondered why you keep finding yourself in unhealthy relationships or struggling with negative behaviors? Many of us go through challenging life events that affect us in ways we may not fully understand consciously. Heart-centered hypnotherapy offers a way to explore these events through hypnosis, uncovering unconscious beliefs we've formed about ourselves that impact our behavior.

In a session, you'll decide on a focus, such as managing eating habits, overcoming lack of motivation, or dealing with anxiety. The process begins by relaxing your conscious mind (Prefrontal cortex), allowing access to long-term memory pathways. The therapist guides you through a meditation-like state, then shifts focus to explore underlying unconscious beliefs related to your chosen theme.

Using age regression, the therapist gently guides you to trace back to when negative beliefs were formed, understanding the coping mechanisms that led to them. Through this exploration, we aim to replace these negative beliefs with healthier, positive narratives that support your well-being.


Heart Centered Hypnotherapy can effectively address a range of issues, including depression, financial or career blocks, trauma, PTSD, grief, fear of abandonment, self-expression difficulties, shame, anger, weight issues, addictions, anxiety, and phobias.

If you believe this approach could benefit you, please reach out to discuss scheduling a session or for a consultation call.

Is Hypnotherapy what you are looking for?

I became trained and eventually a certified hypnotherapist through the Wellness Institute due to my personal journey and profound experiences with hypnotherapy sessions. Through these sessions, I explored past traumas and struggled with mental health symptoms, experiencing significant relief and healing. Inspired by my own progress, I felt compelled to extend this support to others, helping them achieve similar relief from their own mental health challenges.

My journey through hypnotherapy not only led to personal healing but also ignited a passion for guiding others through their own transformative journeys. As a certified hypnotherapist, I am committed to offering compassionate, effective support rooted in my understanding of the profound impact hypnosis can have on mental and emotional well-being.

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What to expect

In the initial hypnotherapy session, our primary goal is to establish a foundation of trust and understanding. We'll begin by reviewing treatment expectations, which outline the therapeutic process. This ensures clarity and transparency in our work together. Following this, we'll gather comprehensive information about your concerns and the factors contributing to them. This step is crucial as it allows us to tailor our approach in subsequent sessions to best address your specific needs and goals effectively.

To familiarize you with the hypnotherapy process and ease any uncertainties, I may guide you through a "mock" hypnotherapy session. This serves as an opportunity for you to experience what hypnosis feels like and to ask any questions or express concerns you may have. By the end of this session, our aim is for you to feel comfortable and informed about the journey ahead. Overall, the initial session is focused on building rapport, gathering essential information, and ensuring that you are fully prepared and at ease as we embark on your healing journey together.

During a typical hypnotherapy session, our focus is on addressing your goals through a structured approach. We'll begin with a brief check-in to discuss any developments since our last session, including progress made or challenges encountered. This helps us maintain continuity and tailor our session to your current needs. After identifying the specific issue or theme you wish to work on, whether it's related to eating habits, mood disorders, trauma, or addiction, we will proceed with inducing a state of hypnosis. Techniques such as eye fixation will be used to facilitate deep relaxation and enhance your focus, allowing us to access the subconscious mind effectively. While in this state of heightened awareness, we will explore processes like age regression to uncover unconscious patterns and address any underlying emotions contributing to your challenges. This exploration is aimed at promoting healing and facilitating positive changes aligned with your therapeutic goals. As the session nears its conclusion, I will gently guide you out of hypnosis and conduct a thorough review. This phase includes providing you with resources, coping strategies, or homework assignments to help you integrate the insights gained from our session into your daily life. It ensures that you leave feeling supported and empowered to continue your progress outside of our sessions.

Throughout our work together, my approach remains collaborative and respectful of your pace and preferences. Together, we strive to harness the benefits of hypnosis to promote your well-being and achieve sustainable positive changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy as a Counseling Modality

One of the ways in which we provide hypnotherapy is as a integrated treatment modality in the counseling process. this may be a primary treatment modality or one of many used in sessions to support you toward your identified treatment goals. this can be billed through your insurance under your mental health benefits.

Hypnotherapy as a Wellness Service

Are you looking for hypnotherapy sessions without becoming a therapy client?

No problem, we offer hypnotherapy as a stand alone wellness service. You can engage in hypnotherapy without the hassle of  paperwork and insurance. this service is pay as you go.

Hypnotherapy Cost for Counseling Clients

Hypnotherapy Cost as a Wellness Service

There is no additional cost to you. We use the regular billing codes for your sessions to bill to insurance. you are only responsible for your payment determined by your benefit package. 

$175 for 75 minute session

this service is self-pay

Are you ready to let go of what's holding you back?

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