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Family Therapy

Our therapists are trained to help navigate the immense complexities of families. We will approach treatment through a neutral and nonjudgmental stance to allow each individual in the family system to feel safe and comfortable, while addressing the varying complexities that families struggle with.


Each individual in a family has their own unique experience, story and perceptive, we respect these vast differences and want to help all members of the family reach a common goal. 


Services may include the whole family, a parent-child sessions or a variety of other family combinations.


Family counseling could help deal with topics like conflict, communication issues, blended family issues, divorce, life adjustments and family transitions.


Many times a family issue could be a result of an individual needing specific help for themselves too.  We have a team of well trained therapists that can help! If needed, individual counseling can be offered to address private struggles with another therapist on staff.


Let us help you and your family reconnect!

Family Walking On the Beach
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