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Allie Tura, MA, Administrative assistant and social media manager

Allie is our office's Administrative Assistant and Social Media Manager. Allie's goal is to provide an excellent client experience while supporting our team of therapists so that they can continue to focus on the well being of their clients. 

Originally hailing from Southern Ohio, Allie ventured to the Cleveland area to pursue a career in Musical Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University. Despite her initial passion, she realized her true calling lay elsewhere and shifted her focus towards exploring the field of Organizational Leadership. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Development in 2017 followed by a Master of Arts in Management in 2019 from Baldwin Wallace University, Allie possesses a deep understanding of effective leadership strategies and team dynamics.

Her professional journey has been diverse, ranging from providing administrative support and office management at Cleveland Clinic's Medical School to managing social media accounts for businesses across various industries including healthcare, beauty, and education. Through these experiences, Allie has honed her skills in fostering team cohesion, enhancing client engagement, and driving organizational success. Beyond her professional endeavors, Allie is deeply passionate about advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. She actively seeks opportunities to promote these values both within our organization and the broader community.

With her blend of administrative prowess, social media savvy, and commitment to fostering inclusive environments, Allie works to provide our team with smooth operations and an amplified presence in the digital sphere.

Allie's pronouns are she/her/hers.

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