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SAP Services

 our professional SAP services offer solutions designed to meet the planning and implementation needs of employees and employers. The DOT substance abuse services we provide are geared toward timely and efficient services, problem-solving, creating plans, moving into action, and returning to safety-sensitive duties. From face-to-face assessment to final evaluation, you can count on our Substance Abuse Professionals to be of service to you.

More on our DOT Substance Abuse Services 

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Department of Transportation/Substance Abuse Professional (DOT/SAP)

We Provide face to face evaluations for employees who have violated a Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulation. 

What is a SAP?

A SAP is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional that performs mandated evaluations for employees who have violated the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol program regulation. A SAP has completed the training and testing required by DOT.

What does a SAP do?

A SAP conducts a face to face assessment and clinical evaluation of the employee. The SAP will then recommend a course of education and/or treatment. The SAP serves as a referral source to assist the employee

with recommendations, case-management and intervention monitoring while you are in the program. The SAP will conduct face to face follow up sessions with the employee to determine compliance with recommendations. The SAP also develops a follow up testing plan for the employee and provides the employee and employer with recommendations for continuing care.

How long will it take?

The length of time necessary depends upon the specific intervention required. The objective is to return the employee to safety sensitive duty at the earliest date following successful completion of their assigned intervention.

                  DOT SAP Evaluation Process


Prior to the Appointment

You will be sent intake paperwork to complete bring with you to the appointment. 


At your SAP Evaluation

The first visit is approximately one and a half hours but varies by SAP and the employee's needs.

You should expect to complete a substance abuse evaluation, review the findings with the SAP, and discuss treatment recommendations. Recommendations will need to be completed prior to being provided your return to duty clearance form.

You will be given referrals to complete a urine test off-site. 

We will schedule a follow up meeting to review outcomes and completion of recommendations prior to completing your return to duty clearance form.

Follow up Meeting

The follow up meeting  or final compliance interview will last approximately 30 minutes. 


We will review the outcomes of the recommendations and readiness for return to duty.

Our SAP counselor will submit a written report to your current or previous employer with a copy to you indicating you have met all the SAP recommendations and are eligible to return to safety sensitive duty.

*Please note that subsequent follow up meetings may be scheduled based on your compliance and completion of recommendations.

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Fees & Scheduling

DOT SAP Evaluation and Follow-up Meeting: $650

*Full payment is due at the time of scheduling

*Evaluations are private pay 


Subsequent Follow-up Meetings: $100 *per half hour

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