Cassie Bishop 

Cassie believes that every person is unique in their own way and wants to be able to assist the client in being comfortable and loving the client's self. Cassie Bishop works with children, teenagers, young adults, and adults to accomplish their therapy goals. Cassie works with anxiety, depression, attachment issues, self-esteem issues, child behavior and emotional difficulties, chronic medical illness issues, and family/ parenting issues as well.

Cassie enjoys assisting clients to reach their therapy goals using therapeutic techniques that include but are not limited to CBT, DBT, mindfulness, sand and play therapy. Cassie uses a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored specifically for the client as she believes everyone is unique. Cassie has previous training in office and group settings as well.

Each person has the power inside of themselves, but Cassie can aid clients in their therapy journey to achieve their therapeutic goals. 

Cassie works under the supervision of Dani Casterline. 

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